Wildfire follows the adventures and misadventures of the problematic Kris that, after serving time in juvenile reformatory, called Camp LaGrange, it was given the opportunity to start a new life. His talent with horses, is discovered, by Pablo, a volunteer and horse trainer, who decides to give her a job at his ranch The Raintree, dividing, along with her friend Jean Ritter, and his eldest son, Matt. Forced into an environment completely new, the girl must learn to face, the challenges in an effort to adapt, and above all, try not to disappoint, this family, the only one willing to give her a chance. But also Ritter's, find themselves facing their own challenges, even when they try to help Kris. The patriarch of the family is: Henry Ritter. He and Jean, are at a critical stage, and if they fail, to uplift, the fate of the ranch, when, this, will risk, financial ruin. Kris and thoroughbreds: Wildfire, will help them to get back on top, to the summit of the world's best in racing horses.